Client Tools

As a client of Ruedi Wealth Management, you have access to best-in-class technology allowing you to effectively manage your entire financial life. You can view your financial plan, investment portfolio, and important documents from your computer or smartphone any time you wish. View the videos below to learn more about the features of each tool available to you. If you would like to get set up on one of the tools, contact David or Daniel and they will provide you with a username and temporary password. 


View Your Financial Plan

Worried about recent market events? Find out if you're still on track to reach your financial goals by viewing the current status of your financial plan. Your plan is updated every day so that you can see the impact of any change to your account balances. Experiment with alternative scenarios by adjusting your current goals in the "play zone" and watching the impact on your plan. 


View Your Investment Portfolio

Don't wait for your next quarterly statement to see how your investments are doing. View the holdings, historical performance, and activity for your investment portfolio for any time period you choose.  While we don't recommend checking your portfolio everyday, it's nice to have access to information when you need it. 


Organize Your Documents

Ensure your loved ones aren't left with piles of paperwork to sort through when you're gone. Everplans walks you through the process of organizing your vital documents and information. We're talking about the basics like your estate planning documents, but also things like account login information, funeral wishes, memories, and life lessons you want to share with your family. Once your everplan is built, you can choose to share specific pieces of it with the people who will need access to that information if something happens to you.